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US Part Number: 22732
Canada Part Number: C12532

Grez-Off® Heavy Duty Degreaser

Grez-Off’s award winning, grease busting power does the dirty work! This professional strength, biodegradable formula hits hard and fast with powerful water-soluble solvents. Bolstered with fast acting surfactants, Grez-Off® digs into grease and grime, prying it away like no other product can! USDA approved and VOC compliant in all 50 states.

Use on:

Engines, machinery, tools, mowers, conveyors, vents, work benches, walls & floors, ovens, grills, trunks, trailers, RV's, industrial and farm equipment, concrete, asphalt, vinyl, rubber, plastic, metal and more

US Item # CAN Item # Container Size Packaging Specs Photo Literature Print
22732C1253232 ozExpand

Packaging Specs: 22732 - Grez-Off® Heavy Duty Degreaser - 32 oz

UPC l2of5 Container Volume Case Qty Case Cube
077174001232 20077174001236 trigger 32 oz 12 1.178
Cases/Pallet Layers/Pallet Pallet Weight Case Weight Case Length Case Width
27 3 783 lbs 29 lbs 14.75" 12"
Case Height Unit Weight Unit Length Unit Width Unit Height Units Per Pallet
11.5" 2.32 lbs 2.75" 4.88" 10.88" 324
US Item # Tech Doc File
22732 SDS

Tech Documents

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